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The core business of The Huffmyer Agency lies in providing Marketing tools for businesses: Website Design, Producing Business Image Videos, and supplying businesses the right tools to compete in a global market place. We own and operate several mobile camera systems: “Quadcopter, Go Pro Cameras, Multi-camera video production equipment that can be transported and set up at any venue in just a about an hour. We own and operate several single-camera field production packages as well, and we have fully featured Cinema 4D Software to create Professional High Quality Animated Logos. Our nonlinear editing systems are fully mobile to work at any location for convenience to our clients.
Hand in hand with video production, The Huffmyer Agency offers streaming media services. As you might expect from a video production company, we place critical emphasis on the technical quality of your streaming content, and on-demand. We can encode in any streaming format you like, such as Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real. And we can deliver your on-demand content through our partnerships with leading content providers.

The Huffmyer Agency also offers a range of additional services, including DVD creation and authoring, tape and DVD duplication, video format and standards conversions.