Business Image Video

What are Business Image Videos?

A video ranging from two to three, or four minutes telling your business story. 

Which Styles are Most Effective?

  • Image: An Overview of your company.Defining Who you are, What you do, and where your companies future is headed.
  • Timeline: The most important events leading up to your companies success, documented on video
  • Testimonial: The impact your company has made on your customers.

How can Business Image Videos be used?

Most importantly to sell your business. They have been used on your website, duplicated and given to potential consumers, and lastly used by a sales force that meets with your potential client everyday.

Easy 4 Step Process

Creative Proposal: a proposal that is created after our initial meeting with a client.

Pre-Production: Script gets written audio voiced, graphic look is created

Shooting, Editing  and Graphics: On location shoot takes place, Editing, and Graphics are add to create the final product.

Delivery to Client: Deliver to client for approval.


*Once audio script has been approved by client and additional changes occur…. Extra charges will be applied.