HD Commercials


High Definition in the picture quality and sound that mirrors close to perfection.

Which HD Commercials are Most Effective?

  • Image: An Overview of your company.Defining Who you are, What you do, and where your companies future is headed.
  • Graphical: a commercial made of graphical elements, such as animations
  • Testimonial: The impact your company has made on your customers.

HD Commercials be produced for which types of media?

Commercials are mainly used for Television advertising. With the growth of the web commercials are being used on websites as web surfers play video that are streamed online.

Easy 4 Step Process for Producing HD Commercials

Creative Proposal: a proposal that is created after our initial meeting with a client.

Pre-Production: Script gets written audio voiced, graphic look is created

Shooting, Editing  and Graphics: On location shoot takes place, Editing, and Graphics are add to create the final product.

Delivery to Client: Deliver to client for approval.


*Once audio script has been approved by client and additional changes occur extra charges will be applied