RokStories is great way to display your articles and accompanying images as a featured item. The widget itself is facilitated by Mootools to transition between images and articles seamlessly, and is perfect for showcasing featured articles on your site, as seen on the frontpage.

Since Affinity theme RokStories is now a widget and can be only accessed through Widget page in the admin dashboard !


How To Add Articles To RokStories

Every article that is displayed in RokStories has to be assigned to at least one category that will be later choosen in the RokStories settings.

You can set how many posts to display in that section in the widget settings. If you are writing a new post and you would like it to appear in the RokStories, you just need to assign that post to the category that’s assigned to the RokStories widget and add an image (instruction below).

More useful options can be found in the Widget Settings

Adding images to the posts shown in RokStories

To add image to the RokStories post, you have to add a Custom Field in the table below the postedit box. From the list please choose (or add new field) ‘image’ and fill the field under Value with your path to the image ie.

To check the path to an image, please go to the Media page in your administration dashboard, click Edit under the image you wish to use, and copy the path from the File URL field.