Using Typography

Every RocketTheme template is accompanied by custom content styles known as Typography. This guide outlines how to use Typography in your content.

Inserting Typography with the HTML Editor

To insert the Typography into your content, you must use the HTML feature of WordPress content editor. The following tutorial will outline the steps in which to do this with the WordPress content editor.

Please note that the following tutorial will show you how to insert HTML (typography) into Article, the same procedure is apparent for Pages.

Step 1 – Login

Login to the WordPress Administration Dashboard. Go to Enter the Administrator’s Username and password.

Step 2 – Navigation

From the left menu bar choose Posts or Pages depending on what type of content you wish to edit.

Step 3 – Content Manager

When you have selected the content section you’re interested in, you will be sent to the either Posts or Pages Manager. Select either to Edit or Add New, depending on whether you want to add typography to an existing or new item.

Step 4 – HTML Mode

To add typography to your content, you must enter the HTML mode of your Content editor. In WordPress, this is an tab called “HTML” on the top of the post box (next to the Visual tab). Press the tab to enter HTML mode.

Step 5 – HTML Mode

Your text will show up in HTML with all typical HTML tags. You shall do all your editing here for typography.

Step 6 – Inserting HTML

You then proceed to add your HTML coding to HTML converted content. This can be any HTML such as span class typography or styled lists.

You will not see the effects in the content editor, all style affects are only visible on the Frontend of your WordPress weblog.